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The essence of the proposed approach
Working with the self-employed

“There is now a completely unprecedented shortage of personnel in the Russian economy as a whole. There has never been such a shortage, and it continues to worsen. The reasons for this shortage are related to mobilization and the emigration wave. In fact, over the past year, the Russian economy has lost more than one million workers as a result of mobilization and the conclusion of contracts for service in the zone of a special military operation. Plus emigration, plus a certain reduction in labor migration. At least minus one million people, and some estimate this figure even up to 2 million workers.” – Mikhail Burmistrov, General Director of Infoline Analytics.

To solve such an acute problem, our company offers a way to increase the efficiency of existing staff by 30% using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The essence of the proposed approach:

  • Conduct automatic online analysis of product distribution and pricing processes using AI algorithms.

  • Scans purchases using your phone (after each scan, a beep sounds like at a checkout).

  • Analyze and identify errors within the company.

  • Analyze the processes of line personnel in terms of cost per person/hour (which product needs to be put out faster in order to get more benefits for the company and recoup the spent staff hours).

  • And, finally, automatically generate a list of tasks in the mobile application for the employee: which goods to display, which goods to carry out a point inventory, which price tags to replace first, etc.

This is a high-tech solution that will truly allow you to increase staff efficiency.

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Business data is uploaded daily. Preparations are underway for online streaming processing using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Data from cash registers is downloaded continuously (always when the cash register is running). This occurs through integration at the level of the intermediate “cash” database. This approach allows you to download transactions from any cash register software.

The data warehouse is an important link because it is organized in such a way as to ensure fast parallel processing. All changes are recorded online in the data warehouse - be it information about current sales, or the result of a completed task by an employee.

AI algorithms are the central link in generating tasks and making decisions. It is at this level that the decision is made “what tasks to assign and to whom,” “how to accept them,” “what to do next.”

Working with the self-employed

In addition to increasing the efficiency of your own staff, all the capabilities of the system can be used to work with the self-employed.

To quickly train the self-employed and minimize the time spent by managers, the mobile application has the ability to integrate a planogram with tips (product display) and detailed instructions about the features of the business process in the store.

As a result, this solution allows you to increase the efficiency of your own staff, as well as quickly attract third-party contractors and pay them only for the work done.

Quality control of services provided

After completing each task, it is necessary to ensure the acceptance process. Our solution allows you to upload photo confirmations. Tasks can be accepted or rejected by the store manager in your personal account.

However, thanks to the presence of integration, most tasks can be taken over automatically. For example, the system generated a list of goods that need to be placed per day - 100 items. Among the items there are almost always fast-moving goods (milk, sour cream, etc.) - i.e. goods that are purchased daily. Having recorded the fact of the sale of these goods at the checkout, the system can “credit” this task to the employee without the participation of the manager.

Another way to accept a task is to ask another employee to double-check it, with appropriate payment for the task.

In this way, we relieve store managers as much as possible, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Calculation of payments for services, generation of documentation, payment orders and automation of payments

  • For each employee (self-employed, outsourced or company employee), an automatic calculation of the number of services performed is carried out.

  • For the self-employed, acts and invoices are generated, and automatic payments are made (if the services performed are confirmed by the retail partner.

Management reports and in-depth analytics

Detailed statistics are collected for each employee:

  • How many checks did the employee punch at the cash register?

  • how many products did you display?

  • What is the speed of work relative to colleagues?

  • how much money each employee “brought” (meaning the effectiveness of each employee, expressed in money - how completed tasks affected the income of the business)

And much more.

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